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Cosmetic Solutions: Three Anti-Ageing Treatments for Facial Skin

Skin ageing is a natural but complex biological process which is influenced by diverse factors. These include intrinsic aspects such as hormones, genetics and metabolic processes and external factors like radiation, UV exposure, general pollution and even toxins. As your facial skin ages, you will notice visual signs of the process. Basically, the skin will appear thinner and lose its former plumpness, and you might notice wrinkles and age spots on a formally flawless face. There are numerous cosmetic solutions in the beauty market which you can choose for aesthetic improvement. Here are three of the most suitable non-invasive anti-ageing treatments to consider before selection.


The microdermabrasion treatment was developed as an advancement of the standard dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a technique which uses a brush or even an abrasive wheel to scrape away the outer layer of the skin. This method was primarily designed to deal with pox marks, acne scars and remnants of old injuries. The improved microdermabrasion technique utilises fine crystals in the scrub which gently removes the damaged skin. The process exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, revealing a more youthful appearance. You can choose this treatment if you want to remove age spots and minimise wrinkles and fine lines. You should note that microdermabrasion is a simple procedure, so the results will not be dramatic.

Laser Resurfacing

The popularity of laser skin resurfacing treatment has risen steadily since its inception. This procedure uses laser beams to remove the damaged skin from the face, layer by layer. As the skin heals, it will become tighter and appear more youthful. This method is precise and highly effective if you want to get rid of wrinkles, lines and age spots. The process can be used to deal with specific areas of the face like eyes, forehead and mouth, or you can have the treatment on the entire facial skin. The laser resurfacing procedure can be performed as a single treatment or together with cosmetic surgery.

Chemical Peel

The chemical peel is a cosmetic appearance which is designed to improve the hands, face and neck. Basically, this procedure uses a special chemical solution to exfoliate the skin and the damaged layers will eventually peel. When the skin heals and regenerates, it will appear more youthful. This treatment is ideal for reducing and removing crow's feet, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and fine lines. You can choose a superficial, medium or deep chemical peel, depending on the desired level of penetration. Unfortunately, this treatment will temporarily increase sensitivity to the sun.

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